Information Process Design

Automating inefficient or outdated information management processes is a waste of time and money. We work with clients to carefully analyze their requirements prior to tailoring a system for them. By listening carefully and observing from an independent perspective, we are able to reliably guide our clients toward increased efficiency and cost savings.
Hardware & Network Specification

Our clients are experts in their respective fields, but aren't always confident in their abilities to select the most appropriate computer hardware and networking options. We are always happy to help in this arena, since the proper functioning of these important components impacts a client's ability to get the most out of our web-based applications.

User Support & Training Our experience has shown that happy users make for a happy client. And effective, customized training and support are the best way to create happy users! So we always encourage our clients to take advantage of the training and support services we offer. They pay for themselves quickly, by increasing the efficiency of system users. Plus, they guarantee an increase in the number of smiling faces around the office!



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