BizOpsMTR, developed in conjunction with Collective-Solutions, Inc., is a cutting-edge business operations platform for the healthcare industry. Its measurement, tracking, and reporting components are optimized to support healthcare organizations as they navigate an increasingly challenging economic and legal compliance environment.

CaSense is our social service data collection and reporting platform. Developed for use by agencies in California, CaSense has developed a reputation for saving time & money, and improving the quantity and quality of work produced by hundreds of social workers. It has also appreciably enhanced their quality of life, by facilitating telecommuting and scheduling flexibility.

CommSense is our suite of business-to-business e-commerce components. We understand the different needs of commercial suppliers, and our components deliver the right mix of robust standardization and industry specialization to deliver excellent ROI and deployment speed.
ExchangeSense is a complete commercial exchange platform. It enalbes the rapid deployment of open market exchanges, and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of commodity markets and auctions.
MallMaker is our platform for the rapid deployment of sophisticated, themed online shopping malls. This system delivers a broad range of features required in complex, multi-seller environments, from centralized cashiering and escrow services, to bulk transaction management and broadcast communication tools.
RetailSense is our platform for the rapid deployment of easily customized consumer-oriented e-commerce systems. Used primarily by small- and medium-size retailers, RetailSense is a cost effective way for them to have the features they need, at a fraction of the cost they expect.
ConsultingSense is a suite of components dedicated to serving small- and medium-size consulting firms. They need an easily managed web presence combined with effective mass communication tools. We can deliver these capabilities at a surprisingly low cost, compared to other comparable alternatives.



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